the skin
Protects up to
até 72 horas
Does not burn

Barrier Spray
Skin Protector

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What is VUELO Barrier Spray?
VUELO Barrier Spray is a product developed to protect the skin and prevent the appearance of lesions.
The spray forms a uniform silicone film onto the skin, which helps to keep skin healthy and offers protection for up to 72 hours. VUELO Barrier Spray does not cause irritation, burning, or discomfort.

Vuelo Barrier Spray is recommended for use in:
– Preventing allergic reaction to adhesives resulting from frequent changing of wound dressings;
– Preventing dermatitis stemming from contact or excessive sweating and moisture;
– Protects the skin from urinary or fecal incontinence (in diapers area)
– VUELO Barrier Spray protects the skin around the stoma in ostomy patients, presenting injuries caused by infiltrations and leaks or the glue used in the pouching system;
– In bedridden patients, the Barrier Spray prevents the appearance of injuries caused by excess moisture in the bed;
– Preventing skin lesions caused by friction (i.e. in the case of physical exercise);
– Preventing injuries caused by allergic reactions related to adhesives and adhesives tape;
– Protecting the skin around hospital devices such as intubation cannulas, tracheostomies, and gastrostomies.
– Protecting the skin around ostomies, fistulas and draining wounds; preventing dermatitis and skin irritation;

  1. The skin must be completely clean and dry prior to applying Vuelo Barrier Spray.
  2. Keep the applicator 10 to 15 cm from the skin and apply a smooth uniform layer of film to the region requiring protection.
  3. Allow the product to dry.
  4. If it is necessary to apply an additional layer, allow the first layer to dry before reapplying the product.
  5. It is recommended that VUELO Barrier Spray be applied every 72 hours.
  6. It is not necessary that the existing layer be removed before reapplying Barrier Spray.

Vuelo Barrier Spray is a fast-drying, colorless, and water-resistant liquid polymer solution developed to protect the skin. Its formula is non-greasy and does not contain alcohol.

Dermatologically tested.

– In cases involving urinary and/or fecal incontinence or whenever the site requires frequent cleaning, it is recommended that the Barrier Spray be reapplied every 24 hours or as necessary.
– In order to provide protection, Vuelo’s Barrier Spray should be reapplied whenever adhesive strips or wound dressings are changed.
– If desired, the film can be removed with a solvent-based adhesive designed for use in hospitals according to the provided instructions. The application of friction to the skin must be avoided in order to prevent injury.

Stop using VUELO Barrier Spray immediately if erythema or any other signs of irritation occur. If these symptoms persist, consult a physician.
The associated use of VUELO Barrier Spray, with moisturizer, lotions and ointments may decrease the product’s effectiveness.

Barrier Spray

Protection of the skin around ostomies, fistulas and draining wounds; skin lesions resulting from urinary and/or fecal incontinence, digestive juices (stomies), friction; allergic processes to adhesives (tapes); peristomas; around intubation tubes, tracheostomies, gastrostomies; dermatitis and skin irritation; shearing and aggression from adhesives due to constant changing of dressings and/or bags.

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