We are a healthcare products and services company focused on skin care, wound care and wellness - self care.

Vuelo Pharma is the result of a dream, a desire to improve individual quality life. One family’s hardships led to a desire to relieve pain and improve the quality life for people suffering from skin lesions.

The mother of forestry engineer João Carlos Moreschi, suffered from a Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU) for many years. The family had already consulted several specialists and tried a wide range of treatments, but none of these solutions were permanent. Unhappy with the lack of effective results from conventional treatments, João Carlos decided to find his own solution.

A recently retired university Professor with scientific and technological knowledge in microbiology and cellulose, João Carlos began his research for a solution that would help his mother and others suffering from the same condition.

In 2000, after a great dedication and effort, Membracel, a regenerating membrane, was made available on the market. Membracel is wound care dressing that relieves pain and speeds up the healing process in skin lesions.

Given the consistent need for new products in the industry and after 16 years of consistent performance within the wound care market, the company that created Membracel decided to expand. The brand began to embrace new concepts, creating a new visual identity, renewing its approach, and Vuelo Pharma was born.

What ended up happening to João Carlos’ mother? Dona Vitória’s Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU) was healed using Membracel, and she was able to lead a full and happy life together with her children and grandchildren until passing away at 97 years of age.

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MEMBRACEL Regenerative Porous Membrane
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